Zilina, Slovakia — CEIT a.s., the leading industrial automation company, today announced that it has signed partner agreement with Depro Group to expand its global presence to UK.

Through this strategic partnership, CEIT and Depro Group will provide smart solutions for the UK market. Customers across the UK can now take advantage of affordable experience in industrial solutions and offer businesses the most powerful and proven solutions and tools.

“We are excited to partner with Depro Group in the UK,” said Boris Dula, CEO of CEIT. “It’s clear that businesses in the UK are looking for new affordable solutions to attract and retain their clients via optimizations of costs and increased efficiency. With CEIT solutions, we’re putting the control in the hands of businesses with tested solutions that are already a business necessity. Depro Group has proven that they have the best expertise in local market needs and can provide first-class customer success service and technical support”.

“We believe that the best way to reach and help more businesses and their clients is via the CEIT’s partner program,” said Steiner Roberts, Engineering Director of Depro Group. “CEIT’s best in industry solutions and Depro Group’s marketing, customer and technical support expertise make our partnership a clear win-win,” said Mike Shemeld, Managing Director at Depro Group.

About CEIT

CEIT is an innovative research and development company offering practical solutions to ensure the competitiveness, efficiency and prosperity of industrial and non-industrial customers around the world.

We offer solutions in the following areas: product, technology, materials and process innovation, industrial automation, digital twins, and biomedical engineering.

The company provides comprehensive services throughout the entire product lifecycle – from design to verification by simulation and to implementation, ensuring continuous improvement.

To learn more about CEIT, visit: www.ceitgroup.eu

About Depro Group

“Where any problem can be solved with engineering, design and technology”

Depro Group members have come from distinct fields of automation engineering/design, project management and controls. We feel with this collaborated background coming together, we are able to deliver a reliable and innovative solution for our customer’s needs.

Through our vast understanding of the manufacturing industry, strong design background and extensive floor experience, we are able to specialise in current process modifications based on product and environmental changes as well as new product designs and implementations.

Depro Group head office is based in the UK, from here we liaise with Europe and Ireland, with an office in Ohio, USA for North America and Canada, Tokyo, Japan and Ulsan, South Korea.

To learn more about Depro Group, please visitahttps://www.deprogroup.com/depro-engineering-and-automation/

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